Renovate or build a bathroom

Product considerations

Your choice of products is crucial when you are planning a bathroom to thrive in for many years. Before starting your bathroom renovation, read through our considerations listed below. Keep in mind that a number of processes have to be carried out by professionals.
Do not “risk it” yourself – it could cost you dear.


Which model suits you best? Do you want the water trap concealed or visible? Do you prefer wall or floor-mounting? Stable seat in rigid plastic or wood? If your home is to have two toilets, why not choose different seat heights for you and your children?


When bathrooms are renovated, the bidet is often not the first thing to be considered. But when it comes to intimate hygiene, bidets are unbeatable. If you think that it would “steal” space, why not choose a washbasin mixer with a separate hand shower that you can then use while sitting on the toilet?

Handicap accessible bathroom

It may be that you need to think about setting up your bathroom with an eye to the future – to the time when you may not be as mobile as you once were. It is often the small details that make the bathroom much safer: a support rail by the bathtub and a non-slip surface on the bathtub floor, for example. Or perhaps a support rail by the WC or a raised WC seat. An extended lever on a standard mixer or a sensor-controlled mixer will also make things easier for people with reduced hand strength. Our range contains numerous products that have been adapted for both children and adults with special needs. For more information, visit our product pages.


A mixer should be pretty to look at, but what it has inside is what makes all the difference. Go for quality. At Gustavsberg, you will find energy and water-saving technology in even the most well-designed mixers. Do you have young children? Then choose a thermostatic mixer that regulates the water temperature and eliminates the risk of scalding.

Bathroom sink

Installing two washbasins cuts down on queuing – and generates a sense of togetherness – for large families. Think about whether you want to conceal the water trap in a bottom cabinet or behind a pedestal or cover. If a standard size washbasin takes up too much space, there are smaller models and washbasins designed for corner installation to choose from. Our Logic range is designed precisely to free up space.


Big or small? Built-in or free-standing? Enamel or acrylic? In our assortment you can find many bathtubs from Gustavsberg, and we can also supply whirlpools, and bathtubs in all shapes and sizes from our partner BETTE.

Bathroom furniture

Shelves or cabinets? Both options help you to better organise your bathroom. Cabinets keep the dust off and help hiding your personal items. Shelves provide easier access and allow you to display your “trinkets”. Whatever you choose, make sure to include a lot of storage space – even if your bathroom is small. For example, there is almost always room for a cabinet under the washbasin.


Make sure that the walls and floor of your shower area are made of materials that are suitable for wet-room environments. This determines whether you can have shower walls or need a shower cabin. Then there are a lot of options to consider. In small bathrooms, a shower corner with a door that also opens inwards is a good solution for gaining more space.

Bathroom accessories

Gustavsberg offers a well thought-out selection of accessories. They are well-designed and will last for years.