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White bathrooms - a stylish trend that never goes out of style

White bathrooms have long been synonymous with timeless elegance and stylish simplicity. In a world where trends come and go, the white bathroom remains a constant icon of classic design and modernity. A white bathroom offers a sense of space and light that opens up the room and creates an inviting atmosphere.

With Gustavsberg's white range, you have all the possibilities to create the white bathroom of your dreams. Perhaps you choose this, our popular furniture series Artic, which is available in several combinations suitable for both the large and the smaller bathroom.

Choose matt or glossy porcelain

Matte colours can now be seen on cars and exclusive items, and in luxury environments, as well as in the bathroom. Matte white porcelain has the same high-quality, stain-repellent properties, and is just as durable as traditional gloss porcelain. Matte white porcelain reflects light more softly and lends a touch of luxury to the bathroom. 

Gloss white porcelain exudes an air of good hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom in a way that will never go out of style. Its stain-repellent properties, extreme durability and long life of the high-gloss surface make this a good and sustainable choice. Another benefit of a gloss white surface is that it gives the bathroom a brighter, more spacious impression.

Regardless of which surface appeals to you, we have a wide range to choose from both in terms of toiletssinks och complete bathroom cabinets.

Matt white
Matt white
Glossy white
Glossy white

Floor-standing or wall-hung toilet in matt white

Floor-standing toilets are a classic and common model that fits most bathrooms. On the other hand, wall-hung toilets offer a modern and stylish design that gives a sense of space and lightness in the room, while facilitating cleaning and giving a minimalist look.


The Artic series is expanded with furniture wash basins in matt white glaze

We expand the Artic series with furniture wash basins in matt white glaze. From before, all our Artic commodes - in white, black ash, ash gray or peach - are available with full-covering washbasins in glossy white or matt black porcelain.

Feel free to combine, as in the picture, with our wall-hung toilet Estetic in matt white and Estetic wash basin mixer.

Black and white is a classic that works equally well in both large and small bathrooms. In this combination, Artic small with wash basin in glossy whiteblack Atlantic mixer and black bathroom accessories as soap pump holder och toilet paper holder.

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White - lifts and strengthens

White is the absence of color, making it an excellent projection surface for other colors, materials and textures you want to highlight in your bathroom. By mixing different shades and materials with the white color, you get a natural variety that the eye appreciates.

Black and white is a classic that works just as well in the large as in the small bathroom. Why not combine Artic small with wash basin in glossy whiteblack Atlantic mixer and black bathroom accessories as soap pump holder och toilet paper holder.

Whatever color you add to white, there will always be a harsh contrast, but by working with slightly different shades of white, we end up with something that we already intuitively know will be good. And in that scale, we also include the shine and chrome found in taps, towel hooks and other parts.

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Storage for order and harmony

Smart storage plays a key role in maintaining a clean and uncluttered atmosphere, a sense of order and harmony. Our furniture series Graphic offers several variants of wall cabinets och tall cabinets in different depths, both for the cramped and for the slightly more spacious bathroom.

Matte white mixers are becoming a bathroom trend

Details and surfaces in matte white give a more subdued and modern sense of luxury. They catch the light and reflections more softly, particularly in a bathroom illuminated by spotlights and directional light sources. Thanks to our new technical materials, matte white surfaces are just as hygienic and easy to clean as glossy surfaces. 

Green is good for the soul - bring nature into the bathroom

Adding green plants to your bathroom isn't just a trendy decor detail - it's also a way to incorporate the calming power of nature into your daily bathroom life. Green plants create a feeling of freshness and life in the room. Feel free to combine with details in wood and natural materials to add a natural warmth and texture to the room, it creates a softer and more inviting feeling.

In the picture above is a white bathroom from the Artic range: Artic mirror cabinet, bathroom cabinet och matt wash basin.

Whether you choose to place a small potted plant on your bathroom shelf or create an entire plant wall, green plants will help create a stylish and peaceful oasis where you can enjoy relaxing moments with an extra touch of nature's freshness and beauty.

View more info on the bathtub.

It's all in the details

Lighting above the mirror provides effective, but also soft and pleasant light.


The inside of all drawers and cabinets can be equipped with sensor controlled lightning. It can also be mounted under the furniture for an effective lighting of the bathroom.


The cherry on top: the cabinet handles. The perfect way to change the expression of your bathroom, from trendy modern to traditional rural. All handles and knobs fit all our bathroom furniture units.



The advantages of a white bathroom

Timeless elegance: White bathrooms never go out of style and fit perfectly into different interior styles, from minimalist to luxurious

Space and light: The white color reflects light and gives the illusion of a larger and airier space, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms or for creating an open feeling in a larger space.

Opportunity for a personal touch: White bathrooms give you a neutral base to experiment with different accent colors, textures and decorative elements to create your own unique style.

Easy to match: White bathroom furniture and accessories are easy to match with other decor details and color schemes, giving you more flexibility when it comes to updating your decor over time.