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A room for enjoyment

The bathroom has become one of the most important rooms in the home. It needs to be functional and practical for the entire family, and it has to have plenty of storage space. At the same time, however, it must also be accommodating – a delightful space for care, consideration and recovery. A place where you want to take your time.

The Artic bathroom collection has straight lines and right angles combined with Scandinavian simplicity. The collection careful design means that it blends into most bathrooms. The clean shapes together with the smooth surfaces make the products easy to clean and hygienic.

The Artic series is expanded with furniture wash basins in matt white glaze

We expand the Artic series with furniture wash basins in matt white glaze. From before, all our Artic commodes - in white, black ash, ash gray or peach - are available with full-covering washbasins in glossy white or matt black porcelain.

Feel free to combine, as in the picture, with our wall-hung toilet Estetic in matt white and Estetic wash basin mixer.

Our porcelain 

Matte white: Matte colours can now be seen on cars and exclusive items, and in luxury environments, as well as in the bathroom. Matte white porcelain has the same high-quality, stain-repellent properties, and is just as durable as traditional gloss porcelain. Matte white porcelain reflects light more softly and lends a touch of luxury to the bathroom. 

Gloss white: Gloss white porcelain exudes an air of good hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom in a way that will never go out of style. Its stain-repellent properties, extreme durability and long life of the high-gloss surface make this a good and sustainable choice. Another benefit of a gloss white surface is that it gives the bathroom a brighter, more spacious impression.  

Matte black: Matte black porcelain enhances the design of the bathroom. This material gives the same exclusive look as other luxury objects and cars painted in matte black lacquer. Matte black porcelain has the same high quality and is just as easy to clean as traditional white porcelain. Be aware, however, that matte black surfaces tend to stand out and absorb a lot of light. It is therefore particularly important to look at the lighting in a bathroom that features black porcelain.  


The furniture units are available in the same four colours as in the standard Artic range for larger bathrooms.

Artic Small Vit

What color are you?

The most common colors in the bathroom may be gray and white, but the furniture in Artic is also available in warm Peach and elegant Black. Drag the slider in the picture to the right and left and see which color you like best.

The colors gray and white are always right, they last over time and can be combined with interchangeable products. But as you can see, all our modern, fresh and carefully selected colors have a timeless quality. We want you to enjoy your new bathroom for many, many years to come. The bathroom cabinets are available in widths of 60, 80, 100 and 120 cm.

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White is a classic bathroom colour, a safe choice that matches most settings.


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Black ash wood adds a dash of drama to your bathroom and combines nicely with a white or black washbasin.


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Ash grey blends seamlessly into most settings, generating a sense of timeless elegance and quality.


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Peach is more obvious, creating bathrooms with personality and warmth.


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Timeless Scandinavian design

Artic’s timeless design makes all bathrooms more beautiful. Although Artic is a cultured range, the cabinets can easily ‘swallow’ everything you need to keep in a bathroom. The units are based on standard dimensions and feature generous storage areas and surface space, as well as a host of smart details. Cabinet doors and carcases of the same colour create a harmonious bathroom.

A consistent colour in the carcases, doors and drawer fronts imbues the bathroom with a uniform colour spectrum. All surfaces are resistant to wear, tear and humid environments.

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Storage on the width and height

A tall cabinets allow you to make full use of the height of your bathroom. Artic tall cabinet is available in two different measurements to suit precisely your bathroom and your storage requirements. The insides of the doors feature smart shelves which make it easier to access bottles, jars and the like.

The wall cabinets present plenty of surface area as well – ideal for pot plants, for example, or for displaying decorative items. The wall cabinets are also available in two depths, just like the tall cabinets.

Form and function

It is often the small details that are the smartest solutions.

The frosted edging spirits away fingerprints. The lighting below the mirror cabinet ramps up the ambience.


The discreet electrical socket is protected from moisture – but located just where you need it the most.


Any self-respecting bathroom cabinet needs a magnifying mirror. You can place this one wherever it will be most useful. And the knick-knack magnet keeps the “good to have” things close at hand.


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The most important room a home

We develop smart bathroom solutions that facilitate your everyday life, it does not matter if your bathroom is small, medium sized or large. A bathroom that meets all these requirements while resisting the effects of heat, moisture and water, makes high demands on its furnishings. So you can feel confident that our products maintain a high level of quality, meet tough demands regarding sustainability and are backed by spare parts and supplementary products that will be available for years to come. 


It's all about the details

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The furniture units can be fitted with a leg frame in a matching, cultured design. The effect is immediate, adding a more furnished feeling to the bathroom. Choose between black and white.


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The interior of all drawers can be fitted with sensorcontrolled lighting. This can also be fitted under the furniture units themselves for an attractive lighting solution in the bathroom.


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A bathroom mirror cabinet must be stylish, functional and match the other furniture in your bathroom. The lighting rail above the cabinet provides effective yet soft lighting. The lighting beneath the cabinet generates ambience and a sense of well-being morning, noon and night.


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The cherry on top: the cabinet handles. The perfect way to change the expression of your bathroom, from trendy modern to traditional rural. All handles and knobs fit all our bathroom furniture units. Several of the knobs can also be mounted on walls as towel hooks.