Gustavsberg Svart Dusch

Matt black bathroom is the new black

Gustavsberg's entire shower range is now available in matt black.

A matt black shower wall with matching black shower mixer and overhead shower set has something that other showers don't - a strong character. To match Gustavsberg's new showers in matt black, there is also a wide range of other matt black bathroom products such as handles and knobs and various bathroom accessories in black.


Down to the smallest shower detail

For an elegant and solid overall impression, the shower doors are equipped with black knobs and a black magnetic strip that effectively closes the doors and keeps water splashes on the inside of the shower. The trailing strip at the bottom of the door is, for aesthetic reasons, transparent. All mounting screws are on the inside and are covered. The upper edges of the profiles are also fitted with black covers.

A shower to enjoy

Life in the bathroom should flow smoothly and appeal to all the senses. Especially when it comes to the most beautiful and intimate space in the home – your own shower. At Gustavsberg you will find easy-to-install, neat and functional showers to match all tastes and every kind of bathroom. 

Top quality down to the smallest detail, adjustable wall profiles, unequal-sided dimension combinations and smart elevating hinges (which lift the door slightly on opening) make it easy to choose the best  possible solution for your bathroom. Moreover, most models are reversible and can be opened both outwards and inwards to save space.

Sensor-controlled just got a bit cooler

All three Sensoric models are now available in matt black, making it arguably the coolest sensor-controlled mixer on the market. Sensoric in its matt black finish adds a dash of the dramatic and superior to any environment.

Two new functions in the Sensoric mixers are a slightly delayed shut-off of the water when rinsing your hands (for a gentler, more relaxed sensation) and programmed automatic flushing every 24 hours (for even better hygiene). Both the chromed and matt black versions of Sensoric feature these new functions. Sensoric is classed as lead-free (contains less than 0.1% lead by total weight).

Strong design duo - white and black

The advantage of black is that it can be combined with any other color. The classic black and white look, which is basically based on an opposite relationship and a strong contrast, is often used to create calm in our bathrooms. We often combine black bathroom furniture with white sanitary ware and see it as a classic and timeless choice when renovating our bathrooms.

Matching bathroom accessories in black

The matte black bathroom concept lifts yet another dimension in the company of our wide range of matte black bathroom accessories.

The Square series matches the other products perfectly and is available in classic chrome, brushed brass and matt black. In the assortment you will find everything you need for a neat overall impression, e.g. towel hook, toilet paper holder, toilet brush and towel bar

Why does life so often play out in the bathroom?

Could it be because it’s the only room in the house where it is permitted to lock the door behind you? Or could it quite simply have to do with an innate love of warmth, water and bare skin?

Here is everything you need to make the most of memorable moments in your own bathroom.