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The outside of the toilet's foot becomes as good as flat with a built-in S-trap.

With a hidden S-trap, parts of the drain pipe's contours becomes visible in the porcelain.

With an open S-trap the whole drain pipe becomes visible.

The S-trap has an outlet pipe for the sewer connection in the floor.

A toilet with a P-trap has an outlet pipe for the sewer system with great flexibility against; the floor, the wall to the left or the right.

In most cases, it is possible to replace a standing toilet to a wall-hung. For more information, read about our flexible Triomont-system.

Bathroom sinks

  • When you install a bathroom sink with brackets, you attach the brackets in the wall and then "put" the bathroom sink on top of the brackets (which also will fixate the sink). While here, you have the possibility to choose how big the space between the wall and the bathroom sink should be. With our bathroom sinks from the Artic series, the brackets are completely hidden in the porcelain.
  • If you mount with bolts, you immediately attach the bathroom sink into the wall (which will fixate the sink directly to the wall). It is important that you know if the wall is properly reinforced for the type of montage you have chosen to use.

Bathroom sinks which are intended to be "built-in" is supposed to be installed from above, with a part of the sink's edge resting on the countertop.

Bathroom sinks which are mounted from the bottom get a totally flat surface.

Gustavsberg's range of bathroom sinks gives you two options. Both are intended for a countertop with a hole for the bathroom sink.

Bathroom furniture

You are able to combine furniture and porcelain how ever you like. Although, it is important to keep in mind that batroom sinks and bathroom cabinets are suited for one another. Make sure that the measurements for the sink and the cabinet conforms when you make your decision.

Make sure that you have a proper screening between the bathroom furniture and the shower. The furniture are moisture resistant but are not supposed to be drenched in water. Do not allow water to remain on the batroom furniture, wipe away the water with a dry cloth as soon as possible.


With a full front frame, you are able to conceal the whole outside front of the bathtub. To make the cleaning easier, you are able to push away the front frame.

With a half front frame, the space between the floor and the frame becomes bigger, which facilitate the cleaning.

Gustavsberg's broad range of bathtubs makes it possible for you to choose between bathtubs with fronts and also bathtubs without fronts, which are standing on feets or stands.

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Whirlpool bathtubs

Learn more about our various massage systems that offer different experiences...


The Naturic faucet has two different types of temperature limitations. The one which is activated at delivery, is the ECO-temperature (comfort temperature) which is around 43°C. This temperature is adjustable. In order to get "full" temperature, you have to bring the lever fully to the left.

It is also possible to make a maxiumum temperature limitation. It is, for example, appropiate to use this specific function if young children will be using the faucet. You can combine a temperature limitation and the ECO-temperature. The temperature limitations is built-in in every Nautic faucet, but is not activated from the beginning.

Watch the instruction video about adjusting the comfort temperature

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The ECO-Tap-faucet has an energy-saving function, ECO flow, which, with help from a feather, limit the movemets of the lever. In order to recieve "full flow", you have to lift the lever to the highest position possible. The function is adjustable and the, factory setting gives around 6,5 l/min at 3 bars pressure.

Watch a instruction video about this

Download the instructions

Make sure that you recieve hot water from the other faucets in the bathroom (if not, the system is missing hot water). If you are able to get hot water from other faucets, it could be a filter that has become clogged. You can find instructions of how to clean your filter down below. Check that the valves are correctly in place at the same time.

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All Gustavsberg's faucets are child-friendly. An individual recommendation would be that it is always more secure to use a thermostat faucet in the shower or in the bathtub. In this one, it exists plenty of security systems. Firstly, it has a temperature lock button at 38°C, but it is also possible, with the thermostat faucets from Gustavsberg, to make a limitation of the maximum temperature with the help from a setting behind the knob. Except from the maximum limitation, there is also an automatic shut-off feature if the cold-water supply should disappear (to prevent scaldning). Even our single lever faucets have several scalding-functions (Eco-temp and limitation of the maximum temperature). For more information, read about "How to remove the temperature latch on Nautic".

All the faucets from Gustavsberg are throughly tested, and all the tests that both we and Boverket, SP, have made shows that the lead precipitation is far below the limits. From the testresults, we can conclude that acidic water - with a pH below 6,5 - can increase the lead precipitation. If you have a well, it is important to regularly check the quality of the water. It is also good to let the water flush for a while until it is fresh and cold, before you use it. But there is no need to worry about the lead precipitation from Gustavsberg's faucets.

YES. If you empty the system properly of water, there is no problem for a single lever faucet to be left at the country house without heat. On the other hand, if you have used a thermostat faucet, you should always keep it heated.

The new symbol is the same type as the one used for white goods and the idea is that buyers, installers and consumers should get impartial help to choose from energy-efficient faucets. There is a lot of money and energy to be earned because a household can actually save up to 50 % of the energy for hot water by choosing a high ranked faucet. Gustavsberg's faucets Logic and Nautic have recieved high rating in the new way of labeling faucets. Learn more about the energy-symbols for faucets here.

Yes, our factory is situated in Vårgårda. We have, since 1921, manufactured pipe couplings and faucets. Except from the faucets, the couplings systems from Vatette is manufactured in the same factory.

This you can easily do by yourself.

The water connections are refered to the pipes that are connected to the incoming water. Our faucets have flexible water connections, they are well-known on the Nordic market and also simplifies the installation.

c-c is a measurement (”centre-centre”) which indicates the measurement that you have between the incoming hot- and cold pipes (wall mixers).

A diverter is found on bathtub faucets and regulates if the water should come from the tap faucet or the shower.

A lot of the steinless steal benches are so thin that a kitchen faucet with a tall tap easily can feel unstable. In our range of faucets, there is a brace that can keep the faucet stable even if it is constructed to a thin steinless steel surface.

Our RH levers for single lever- or thermostat faucets suits every faucet in the Nautic serie even though not all of them are presented in our catalog or web page.

You can always try to "exercise" the thermostat function by turning the lever from "full flow" of cold water to "full flow" of warm water. It is good to do this from now and then in order to grind functionality problems with the thermostat's disabilities. If "excercising" your thermostat is not helping, you may have to buy a thermostatic insert.


Unequal shower dimensions often make the order process more problematic. Here is one tip for getting ir right:

When you measure the size of two different sided shower enclosures, for example 90x80, mark an angle where you intend to place the shower on the floor and measure from left to the right.

Watch our instruction video "Planning & installation of a shower".

80x80 cm is our smallest shower cabin and the height is 200 cm. In order to montage a shower cabin without any problems, you have to have headroom for at least 205 cm.


We have our own exhibitions in Gustavsberg and in Göteborg, but you can also look at our products at our resellers.

Contact your closest reseller.

No, Villeroy & Boch Gustavsberg AB does not have any direct sales, but you can buy our products at our resellers. Please check this link to see which shop/installer that is closest to you.

Read about our guarantees.

Read about our guarantees.

We save spare parts for at least ten years after the product has been cancelled, usually much longer than that. Just remember that most of the time it is more economical to replace the older product because of new technology which saves operating costs.

Safe water is a label which ensures you that the product can be correctly installed with a minimum risk of water damage.

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