Lovisa’s professional faucet tips

Lovisa Nyman qualified as a professional plumber in 2010 and has worked as a fitter for eight years. She is often called upon to provide services for customers who feel let down and upset when something or other has broken. In such cases, they sometimes think that the problem lies with the fitter rather than the product. That is why Lovisa really appreciates quality-assured, good value products. Or as she herself puts it: “We don’t install just any old thing.” When not working as a fitter, Lovisa has sometimes appeared as the face of Gustavsberg – at the launch of Atlantic, the new range of mixers, for example. Today, she works as a plumbing designer at ÅF.

  1. As a fitter, I want to know where the mixer comes from. How long will I have access to spares? Where can I go to get them?
  2. As a fitter, I also want to keep a check on the installation itself: is there anything that is different to other products? Will I have to get hold of a load of (expensive) specialist tools?
  3. Quality matters! (So how can you make sure of quality? See tip 1).
  4. As a user, design – i.e. how the mixer looks – is important.
  5. Also as a user, I want to feel confident about where the mixer comes from. Low quality always shows itself in the end.