BREEAM is the most prevalent system for environmental certification in Europe.
With BREEAM, it is possible to certify a property according to several local rules and standards and at the same time obtain a building that can be compared internationally.
The certification places strict demands on creating a property that strongly contributes to a better environment, which in turn means a better investment.

The following ten categories are assessed based on established environmental criteria:
•    Management and control
•    Health and wellbeing
•    Energy
•    Transport
•    Water
•    Material
•    Waste
•    Pollution
•    Land use
•    Ecology

Within the system, there are six different rating levels a property can receive, from UNCLASSIFIED to OUTSTANDING.
It is the complete property that is certified, but individual products can contribute if they meet recommendations formulated in the system. Calculations and follow-ups take place on the entire property's energy consumption, and there our products can make a big difference.

12 new mixers for environmentally certified buildings

We are continuing to develop products that help customers environmentally certify their properties. Now 12 of New Nautic kitchen and washbasin mixers have been upgraded to fulfil the requirements of the BREEAM and LEED international environmental certification schemes. The mixers are type-approved and EPD-certified and are available in models that have been approved under the Byggvarubedömningen building material assessment scheme and certified as Class B under the SundaHus material information management system. 

The specially designed mixers have their own item number and RSK number and are delivered fully configured and ready for immediate installation. 

Selected certification systems

We have chosen to work with a range of different certification systems where our products can influence and contribute to more sustainable properties. Here you can read more about the systems and which products we have that meet the requirements for each system.

EU taxonomy

EU definition and tools for identifying and comparing environmentally sustainable investments.


An environmental product declaration that objectively describes the environmental characteristics of goods and services from a life cycle perspective.


Sweden's leading environmental certification of buildings such as reviews the building's environmental performance.

Säker Vatten installation

Swedish industry regulations with the aim of reducing the risk of i.a. water damage, legionella spread and burns.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

A tool for buildings that are better for the environment, the climate and the residents.


The most internationally known assessment system with a focus on design, construction, operation and maintenance.

Energy classification

A Swedish standard for energy classification of tap water fittings where the mixer's energy performance and function are compared.

Type approval /
CE marking

Technical requirements for a product category at European or national level.

Building product assessments

Assesses construction-related products based on their environmental impact during the life cycle.