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The Nautic range is our most attractive and inspiring bathroom range ever. A bathroom furnished with Nautic is beautiful, fresh and its design gives a harmonious feeling that blends in well with the room. This is our broadest product family and includes everything you need for your bathroom. Nautic mixers are for example loaded with smart features which make them safe, water-saving and environmentally friendly.

Gustavsberg launches the market's first kitchen mixers with Energy Class A

Gustavsberg launches the market's first kitchen mixers with Energy Class A

Gustavsberg has the great pleasure of launching a new range of New Nautic kitchen mixers with Energy Class A (SS-82 0000:2020). Since the standard was introduced on the Nordic market in 2010, it has been considered more or less impossible to reach the highest energy class on a kitchen faucet - both based on technical limitations but perhaps above all from a user perspective.

Gustavsberg has solved these challenges and is now launching 10 upgraded mixers. A challenge has previously been to get a sufficient water flow so that the mixer can effectively clean, for example, a frying pan - something that is now remedied with a brand new ceramic package that provides a stable temperature, an adapted flow and is very energy efficient.

This ground-breaking launch is proof of our commitment to increased resource efficiency and reduced environmental impact. We are confident that these kitchen mixers, together with our wider range of water and energy efficient solutions, will have major positive impacts for property owners, users and society.

Anna Marciniak Produktchef för blandare på Gustavsberg

New Nautic – our most sustainable mixer ever

A mixer - sustainable before, during and after its service life.

The manufacturing is environmentally certified and is done in Sweden. The quality is high and smart functions save as well energy as water. The design is timeless and all metal is 90% recyclable. But that’s not all:

New Nautic is environment-, quality- and energy classified. It meets all industry rules regarding environmental requirements. New Nautic can be upgraded to meet coming future requirements, as well as to adapt to changing needs and new phases in large ongoing projects.

We call it ”Gustavsberg Smart Inside”.


We take the next step in our sustainability work with Environmentally declared products according to the international EPD-system (Environmental Product Declaration).

Read more about how we work with EPD

12 new mixers for environmentally certified buildings

We are continuing to develop products that help customers environmentally certify their properties. Now 12 of New Nautic kitchen and washbasin mixers have been upgraded to fulfil the requirements of the BREEAM and LEED international environmental certification schemes. The mixers are type-approved and EPD-certified and are available in models that have been approved under the Byggvarubedömningen building material assessment scheme and certified as Class B under the SundaHus material information management system. 

The specially designed mixers have their own item number and RSK number and are delivered fully configured and ready for immediate installation. 

The whole Nautic family in harmony

All single-lever Nautic shower mixers have now been given a new, upgraded design. The lever on the Nautic single-lever mixers has now been positioned on top to simplify use (it also makes the new mixers fully compatible with Gustavsberg’s range of spouts).

Everything else remains the same. Nautic is Nautic – a faithful servant of the highest quality and smart functions not only save energy and water, but also improve safety in the bathroom.


The simplest choice is sometimes the most sustainable

  • Innovative technology makes New Nautic the most sustainable Gustavsberg mixer ever, but the philosophy behind it is the same as always. We want it to be easy to choose Nautic.
  • New Nautic meets all requirements made on quality, functionality, material, recyclable packaging, water saving, energy economy and accessibility.
  • Smart Inside makes it possible to adapt the mixer’s smart functions and upgrade them to meet future demands.
  • Functional, timeless Scandinavian design makes it easy to appreciate New Nautic and ensures that the mixer will stand the test of time.

New Nautic - why change a winning concept?

Mattias Virsgård, Product & Channel Manager, responsible for the development of New Nautic. We asked him why it was time to upgrade Gustavsberg’s successful mixer.

No sustainability without quick and simple installation

New Nautic is the mixer that is sustainable before, during and after its service life. This also applies during the important installation phase.

The patented quick fit nut saves time, money and sore backs. The mixer is installed using a quick fit nut that is simply pushed up to its stop position and then tightened. It gives fitters a more ergonomic work position and cuts the installation time by at least 30 seconds. This might not sound a lot, but in the context of an entire project it actually makes a huge difference in both time consumption and back strain.

Timelessly smart kitchen and bathroom mixers

  • New Nautic is both beautiful and easy to use.
  • The design is “Scandinavian timeless” – which is also a precondition for a long service life and aesthetic sustainability.
  • The market's most energy efficient kitchen and washbasin mixer.
  • The kitchen mixer is available in two high-spout models and one with a low spout. 
  • The washbasin mixer is available in several models: with a long spout, with a side shower and with a machine shut-off. 
  • Components in food-approved materials.
  • Briefly put, there is a model to match all needs.

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