Bathroom trends 2023: Energy-efficient enjoyment

When the world shows itself from its unsettled side, our need for calm, peace and relaxation increases. The bathroom is not only a space for nurturing body and soul, it is also the only room in the home where it is OK to lock the door behind you. After a stressful day at work – or after watching the evening news – the bathroom should offer a period of calm and quiet, or the chance to relax and enjoy some quality time.

Live life more sustainably in the bathroom

The spiralling price of electricity over the past winter taught us all a lesson in resource efficiency. Having to change our energy habits is now more than just a trend, it is harsh reality. The good news is that you do not need to give up your wonderful bathroom; with a little help from Gustavsberg, you can make it resource-efficient. We have been world leaders in technology that saves water, energy and money since the 1970s (!). And Gustavsberg bathrooms last for generations.



When you choose Gustavsberg, you can be sure that we’ve taken time to think about both the environment and your wallet. By including water- and energy-efficient functions in our products, we’re contributing to more sustainable everyday life and helping you to save money.

Mattias Virsgård, Business Development Sustainability & Solutions

A washbasin mixer with the highest energy class that is environmentally, quality and energy classified to save water and energy.


A thermostatic mixer is for you who place high demands on quality, function and water and energy saving. The mixer contains smart solutions that make it more sustainable in the long term.


A roof shower set for you who are extra passionate about the energy and environmental aspect. A complete kit with a lead-free thermostatic mixer and an energy A-rated roof shower set.


The design of the kitchen faucet is Scandinavian timeless and provides a prerequisite for long service and durability from an aesthetic perspective. All components are in food-approved materials.


Matt black is the new black

Black in the bathroom is another trend that is still going strong. It’s in to stand out, and if your bathroom is generally in a neutral white, grey or beige shade, there is nothing better than adding a splash of black as a luxurious contrast. Ideally – and taking things to the next level – matt black. It might be an idea to take a look at Gustavsberg’s new shower products and mixers.