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Why does life so often play out in the bathroom?

Could it be because it’s the only room in the house where it is permitted to lock the door behind you? Or could it quite simply have to do with an innate love of warmth, water and bare skin?

Here is everything you need to make the most of memorable moments in your own bathroom. For example, the furniture units in our Artic range are made to withstand the demanding, humid environment in a bathroom where you love to spend time.

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The smarter bathroom

Read about Hygienic Flush, a revolutionary flushing technology. Our hygienic flush toilets feature an open flush rim, which means that every flush efficiently cleans the entire bowl – all the way up to the slim, easy-to-clean hygiene profile. There are no dirt traps, the level of hygiene is second to none, and the toilet is easier to clean.

Read about our furniture units as well, which are built to handle the demanding humid conditions to be found in the bathroom. And which feature smart functions to make everyday life easier. About Nautic, our mixers that are distinguished by timeless Scandinavian design and high quality, backed by features specifically included to save both water and energy.

That’s smart.

Minor updates that extend the life of the bathroom

Making major bathroom renovations from the ground up is not always necessary. There are many minor updates that can extend the life of the bathroom and give the life of the bathroom a big boost. A bathroom with a long service life is a sustainable bathroom.