Bathroom renovation - tips & tricks

Good to know before you start with your bathroom renovation

To renew the bathroom is often of top priority. Here are some tips of how you can avoid some common mistakes in order to succeed with your renovation.

  • Step 1

Think carefully about the family's needs

What kind of features do you expect from the room? How do you plan to use it? Our tip - divide the room into three different functions:

1. One for the toilet
2. One for the whole body - shower and bath
3. One for self-care - hands, teeth and face

Measure and make a plan where all the different functions should be placed.

  • Step 2

A big family could use a separate toilet

Is there an unused space in your home which could be suitable for a separate toilet? If not, a toilet in the same room could be separated with help from a partition wall.

  • Step 3

Should the bathroom have a bathtub, shower, or both?

Young people tend to occupy the shower. Is it possible to construct a separate one?

  • Step 4

Start with the size of your bathroom and continue with questions like:

- Where can I change diapers?
- Where can I put the dirty diapers?
- Do I have to make space for both washing machine and clothes dryer?

  • Step 5

Do not forget the lighting!

A too dim or strong light makes the bathroom environment dull. At least one lamp for general lighting and one for the face is a good rule. Include mirrors in the light-calculation, they reflect light which enhances the feeling of the room's volume.

  • Step 6

Move sewer installation, floor or wall?

You can get wall-hung porcelain even if the room has a had a floor drain connection previously.

  • Step 7

The ventilation is important!

Good ventilation - preferbly in combination with underfloor heating - quickly dries the bathroom and reduces the risk of moisture damage.

  • Step 8

Piping and plumbing

During work in the floor and walls, proper piping and plumbing work is essential to avoid moisture damage in the future. We recommend you hire a professional to find the best solutions.

  • Step 9

Choose the right colour

Light colours make the bathroom feel larger - and dust, soap dirt and water spray less visible.

  • Step 10

Search quality certified craftsmen

Always ask for quotations from different companies. Then, it is very important that you make an agreement in writing with the chosen company, preferably with a fixed price!