Find warmth with Emelie

Emelie Ekman

Published May 2018

Emelie Ekman is a trained property developer. In her free time, she provides us with inspiration via her blog and Instagram. She appears in social media under the name of ‘34 kvadrat’ (34 m2) and is a specialist in compact living. We met Emelie for breakfast and asked her about her relationship with bathrooms.


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How did you start blogging about interior design?

I was on the point of leaving home, so I started the blog as a source of inspiration for myself. But things really took off when I launched my Instagram account.

Emelies blog can be found on and she appears on Instagram under the name of ‘34 kvadrat’ (34 m2).

How do you come up with your inspiration?

I mainly draw inspiration from my friends and from interior design magazines. I can’t find the time to read as many blogs today, unfortunately, but you can find all the inspiration you could wish for on Instagram and Pinterest! (Read Emelie’s Instagram favourites.)

Do you take baths?

Unfortunately, I don’t have room for a bathtub at home. But my parents have a whirlpool tub, so I sometimes drop by ... When I do, I pour in bath foam and listen to music or a documentary – it’s a great way to relax.

Is it possible to create a spa ambience without a tub?

Absolutely! Invest in luxury body care products and terry cloth – they’re well worth the money. Light candles and take a portable loudspeaker in with you so you can listen to something relaxing. And no matter how small the bathroom is, there’s always room for a plant.

What are your bathroom dreams?

Right now, I’m hugely into brass and marble. And there should ideally be a double sink, with a wonderful, large, illuminated mirror.

How much can you dare to ‘cut loose’ in a bathroom?

The bathroom should draw inspiration from the other rooms in the home, as this will make it a place you enjoy spending time in. It may involve hanging up some pictures or a cut-glass chandelier, for example. A popular trend at the moment is the drinks trolley; bring it into the bathroom and use it to store towels and perfume.

Pimp the bathtub and washbasin, and bring in luxury fabrics.

Emelie Ekman

The bathroom should draw inspiration from the other rooms in the home, as this will make it a place you enjoy spending time in.

Emelie Ekman

5 tips for spa ambience in the bathroom

  • Focus on luxury fabrics.
    Put a cosy rug on the floor, and match it with good quality terry cloth.
  • Bring in some greenery.
    Green plants are a sweet detail in sterile and often austere bathrooms.
  • Pimp the bathtub and the washbasin.
    De luxe soap in pretty packaging together with some cut flowers.
  • Decorate the walls.
    Hanging up an attractive, interesting mirror is a simple way to add a personal touch to the room. And who said there’s no room for pictures in a bathroom?
  • Create atmospheric lighting.
    Switch off or dim the lights, and then fire up some tea lights and at least one scented candle.

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