We help you in your choice of faucet

Which faucet suits you?

To choose the right faucet

The faucet should be both user-friendly and fit the room. With our broad range of smart faucets, we can guarantee you a bathroom with a thoroughly modern feeling, both regarding design and function. We also offer many environmentally friendly faucets with innovative solutions, which for example reduce the water consumption. We have chosen to categorise and personalise some of our best-selling faucets to make your faucet choice easier.

Sensor-controlled just got a bit cooler

All three Sensoric models are now available in matt black, making it arguably the coolest sensor-controlled mixer on the market. Sensoric in its matt black finish adds a dash of the dramatic and superior to any environment.

Two new functions in the Sensoric mixers are a slightly delayed shut-off of the water when rinsing your hands (for a gentler, more relaxed sensation) and programmed automatic flushing every 24 hours (for even better hygiene). Both the chromed and matt black versions of Sensoric feature these new functions. Sensoric is classed as lead-free (contains less than 0.1% lead by total weight).

Bathroom sink faucets for different types of bathrooms

Trendy and eco-smart faucet

The bathroom sink faucet Coloric is by far our most trendy and eco-smart model, the whole faucet is 100 procent recyclable. Coloric is available in four distinct colours, so that you can easily put a modern touch on your bathroom.

Faucet with innovative solutions

The bathroom sink faucet Nautic is best in test. It is our most environmentally friendly faucet, which saves both energy and money. You can easily adjust both the water flow and the temperature to your preferences.

Faucet with personal characteristics

You can easily make the bathroom sink faucet Logic personal due to the replaceable lever. The lever is available in four temperamental colors, which gives your bathroom an individual style.

For those who like simplicity

The bathroom sink faucet Nordic³ has a timeless design with Scandinavian lines. It is easy to use and you can easily adjust the comfort flow according to your preferences.

Kitchen faucets for different types of people

Exclusive faucet

The kitchen faucet Coloric is smooth, smart and environmentally friendly. The faucet's exclusive design takes your kitchen to the next level. Choose between three classy colours and give your kitchen a personal touch.

A faucet for all kitchens

The kitchen faucet Nordic³ has a Scandinavian design and all the necessary functions. The elegant lines make it suitable for every kitchen.

Best in test

The kitchen faucet Nautic is our most energy-efficient kitchen faucet and has also been awarded Best In Test. It reduces the water consumption while at the same time being of the highest quality.