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Reduce your energy consumption - change the mixer

Calculate your energy savings

Changing mixers is a quick and easy way to make the bathroom, kitchen and home more energy efficient. With our energy calculator, it's easy to work out how much you can reduce energy costs, water consumption and CO2 emissions by changing your mixer.

A shower to enjoy

Everyday life in the bathroom must function well and appeal to all the senses, not least in the most beautiful corner of the home - your own shower. We have showers for all tastes and for all bathrooms with smart functions and with high quality in every detail. Here you will find bathroom…

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Live life in the bathroom
Live life in the bathroom

The bathroom of your dreams should be inviting, embracing, fresh and inspiring. It should work carefree on a weekday morning - and feel luxurious like a spa every evening. But new times make even more demands on the most beautiful room in the home. Today, you should also be able to be sure that your…

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Gustavsberg Artic
Artic - a bathroom to enjoy everyday

The bathroom has become one of the home's most important rooms and with the new furniture series Artic, the bathroom will be both more beautiful and…

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Smart features and harmonious design

Innovative technology makes New Nautic our most sustainable mixer ever, but the philosophy behind it is the same as always. We want it to be easy to…

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Gustavsberg Spare parts
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Environmentally declared products according to EPD
Visualise your dream bathroom

More bathroom inspiration can be found
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Bathroom inspiration
Live life in the Bathroom

High-quality, sustainable materials for the good of the planet. Especially for you: timeless design and smart solutions to allow you to draw maximum…

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Matt black bathroom is the new black
Bathroom inspiration  | Trends & news
Black - the color that never goes out of style

Matt black bathroom is the new black and now there is also the Gustavsberg shower assortment in Matt black. Vill du ta det ett steg länger och gå…

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Bathroom inspiration
Renovate the bathroom sustainably

Are you thinking of building or renovating a bathroom? The most important and most wonderful room in your home is also the most demanding. Which is…

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