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Estetic for your bathroom

Upgrade your bathroom with a new look! Estetic, our latest bathroom collection, lifts your bathroom to a whole new level. Get inspired by the rough industrial bathroom to the right and seek ideas to renew your bathroom with Estetic porcelain. Estetic is created by Swedish designer Jon Eliason.

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WHAT'S NEW - Toilet Hygienic Flush

Easily clean without flushing rim!


Health & Care - Hospitals

We develop and offer products suited for hospitals and elderly homes. Read about the cooperation between Skanska and Gustavsberg.

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Gustavsberg - 190 years!

We have a clear idea of how the complete bathroom looks. Check our new corporate video. See how our journey has seen through the years and what we do at best.

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Get inspired! Download our latest brochures, magazine and other marketing materials here.

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INSPIRED magazine Gustavsberg


INSPIRED is our completely new magazine devoted to inspiration and bathrooms. Our intention with this magazine is to help you plan and make good decisions when building your new bathroom. We want to keep you up- to-date with the latest trends in our branch, and to show you all the new products from Gustavsberg.

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