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Bathroom collection - Graphic

Scandinavian quality and design

Graphic is a pretty and more compact piece of bathroom furniture than most other bathroom furniture. The design is based on graphic shapes with repeating dimensions, modules that can be easily combined and maximize storage while freeing up bathroom space.

Gustavsberg's furniture is created to withstand the test of time, but don't forget that your own life and your own needs in the bathroom can change over time. You will not regret investing in quality and smart storage.

What color are you?

The colors gray and white are always right, they last over time and can be combined with interchangeable products. But as you can see, all our modern, fresh and carefully selected colors have a timeless quality. We want you to enjoy your new bathroom for many, many years to come. The bathroom cabinets is available in widths of 60, 80, 100 and 120 cm.

Beige is the color that is constantly reborn in new trends. The color is durable over time and space and interacts well with other colors and materials.

Green is the color of nature, but also of harmony and calm, pleasantly toned down so that it harmonizes with most things in your bathroom.

Gray is much more than just a mixture of black and white and perhaps the color's best feature is how it changes shape depending on how light and shadow fall. Graphic's shade of gray is warm.

White works in all bathrooms and can easily be combined with other colors, materials and textures you want to highlight.

Small details, smart solutions

Plenty of bathroom storage in limited space. Free up bathroom space.

Even small things must have their place. The magnetic strip holds the metal objects in place. The "secret compartment" provides a practical storage area and a hidden electrical outlet can also be mounted here.

The inside of all drawers and cabinets can be equipped with sensor controlled lighting. It can also be mounted under the furniture for an effective lighting of the bathroom.

The lighting ramp above the mirror cabinet provides efficient, but also soft and pleasant lighting. Smart details such as gadget magnet and magnifying mirror are included in the mirror cabinet.

Artic grey

The icing on the cake is the handles. With them you can change the expression of the bathroom, from trendy modern to country. All handles and knobs fit all our bathroom furniture.