Warranty & Complaint


Warranty for Gustavsberg's products is two years from the first date of use or two years from the date of the final inspection of the installation. The warranty does not cover costs of third parties, nor other costs beyond the delivered goods. These costs will be covered by insurance held by the installing company or by the user.


If you are not satisfied or if the product is faulty, you should address your complaint directly at the establishment where you bought it (in the store or via the installer). As a client, you should be able to prove date of purchase of the goods by presenting a receipt or copy of the invoice related to the delivery of the goods.

Complaint & Warranty for Professionals only

Gustavsberg's products are sold in accordance with the current version of the General Conditions relating to plumbing and sanitation materials for commercial operations in Sweden. Delivery rules are applied in Sweden unless the parties agree in writing other terms.

If the item purchased is improper for use, a complaint directly to Gustavsbergs Customer Service should follow. Fill out this form (PDF) and mail to: reklamationer.gbg@gustavsberg.com