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Live life sustainably with Gustavsberg

Gustavsberg has long been a pioneer, powering the development of sustainable sanitary products for the bathroom since the early 1900s. That was when we became involved in building away “crappy Sweden”. During the energy crisis of 1974, it became clear that it was neither tenable nor acceptable to continue wasting energy and water,


so we developed solutions and technology that were designed to save energy and water – and which are still in use today. The current trend is for us all to be smarter in all aspects of our lives so as to establish a lifestyle that protects our planet. And once again, our ambition is to take the lead and show the way.


How do you create a sustainable bathroom?

Here at Gustavsberg, we consider the entire life cycle of the product – from raw material to recycled or reused – to be our responsibility. Our work with sustainability starts as early as in the design and construction phase. It is there that we lay the foundations for the choice of functionality, materials and production methods. We are continuously developing eco-friendlier methods in the production phase, and we work closely with our subcontractors in this regard. The biggest positive effect on the life cycle analysis is achieved by ensuring that our products feature elevated quality and have long service lives – and that they provide effective functionality that saves resources. In addition, sustainability is about a lot more than “just” smart solutions that save energy, water and money year after year. We base our work on the following three pillars, where we can exert major influence and do a lot of good:


A sustainable and
healthy society

Our solutions for infrastructure in the area of water and sanitation play a key role in people’s everyday lives. Through our work, we are continuously to improve people’s hygienic standards and well-being in a sustainable manner.


Long-term welfare for
everyone we interact with

We are to contribute to society by being an ethical, inclusive, financially viable, proactive and innovative partner.


Improved resource-efficiency and reduced environmental impact

We are constantly developing our products and processes so as to minimise resource consumption and to limit their environmental impact throughout the products’ service lives.


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Our sustainable products

For the good of the planet, you need to be sure today that your bathroom is both smart and sustainable – i.e. that it helps you save energy, water and money. In this context, it’s good to know that Gustavsberg leads the field when it comes to sustainability, so you can devote yourself entirely to enjoying life in your bathroom.

One good example is the Gustavsberg Nautic bathroom range, which includes what is perhaps our most sustainable mixer ever. Nautic is not only packed with smart and replaceable technology, it is also sustainable before, during and after its service life in your bathroom.

EPD – environmental properties from a life cycle perspective

As one of the first manufacturing companies in the Nordic region, we are proud to supply sanitary porcelain and mixers that come with an environmental declaration in line with the international EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) system.

The environmental product declarations are based on a system that objectively describes environmental properties in goods and services from a life cycle perspective (LCA). In order to produce comparable data, each declaration is prepared using set rules specific to the product category (PCR) in question, where the data are then verified by an independent certified reviewer.

Spare parts are the key to reuse

We have always considered it natural to work with high-quality, sustainable products. Maintaining a solid stock of spare parts is likewise a long tradition, where our aim is to make it simple to maintain products rather than having to buy new ones.

The service life of a product is absolutely crucial when it comes to calculating its environmental impact, so our focus on spare parts is significant from the perspective of sustainability. As we work with products that are made of highly durable materials and can withstand long-term wear and tear, only a few parts will ever need to be replaced.

That said, we are now taking our work with spare parts to a new level. By making it possible to update old products using parts that provide the same smart, new functionality as is to be found in new products, we help extend the service lives of the original products even further. One example of this is the reuse pack, where function components can be replaced in older models of the Nautic mixer, thus enabling them to meet the tough new requirements that apply today regarding, for instance, the highest energy class and EU taxonomy. We think this is pretty smart.

Certification system for entire properties

More and more property owners today are signing up for an environmental assessment system that includes their entire property – new builds and existing buildings alike. We at Gustavsberg have a range of products and solutions suited to precisely this. For example:

• EU´s Taxonomi 
• Breeam 
• Miljöbyggnad (Green Building)

Certified products

We supply products suited to different certification systems and relevant standards in our sector. In order to make the choice of product even easier, we have prepared a matrix containing a selection of the product and property certifications we can provide at product level.