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Toilet models from before 1995


Detail number and product



Item number

Flush button csmp206592 Model NT-21, for cistern, floor standing toilet GB1929900208
Flush button csmp206592 Model NP-11, for cistern, floor standing toilet GB1929900237
Locknut csmp206592 Model NP-10, cistern, floor standing toilet GB1929900236
Flush button csmp206592 Model NC-10, for cistern, toilet GB1929900291
Locknut csmp206592 Model NC-8, for cistern, toilet GB1929900332
Locknut csmp206592 For cistern cover GB1929901545
Spring csmp206592 For flush button NT-21, cistern, floor standing toilet GB1929901244
Bottom valve csmp206592 Model ST, for cistern, toilet GB1929900282
Bottom valve csmp206592 Model NP-20, for cistern, toilet (from 1982-) GB1929900238
Bottom valve csmp206592 Model NC, for all models made before 1982 except 305 and corner WC 360 GB1929900211
ST-22 Lifting device csmp206592 Model ST-22, for cistern, toilet GB1929900209
Lifting rod csmp206592 Model NP-21, for cistern, toilet GB1929900239
Valve ball Universal csmp206592 For floor standing toilets GB1929900260
Central column csmp206592 Model ST-2, for cistern, toilet GB1929900347
Membrane csmp206592 For fill valve 9GS01300, cistern, floor standing toilet 9GS01400
Membrane csmp206592 For fill valve GB1929901972, cistern, floor standing toilet GB19299P0206
Membrane csmp206592 Model TF-11, for cistern, toilet GB1929900229
TP-10 Membrane csmp206592 Model TP-10, for cistern, toilet GB1929900330
Membrane csmp206592 For inlet valve, 9GN00210, 9GN00200 & GB19299N0105 9GN00300
Inlet valve csmp206592 For cistern, toilet 9GN00210
Fill valve csmp206592 For side-attached cistern, toilet GB1929901974
Inlet filter, gasket csmp206592 Model TF-9, cistern, floor standing toilet GB1929900228
Servo valve csmp206592 Model TF-33, for cistern, toilet GB1929900233
Cistern gasket csmp206592 For cistern, floor standing toilet GB1929900216
Shut-off valve csmp206592 For floor standing toilets GB1929900503
Adjustable stainless steel hinges csmp206592 Supplied in pairs, for toilet seat GB1919901900 GB1919901830
Hard seat csmp206592 For floor standing toilets, white, including stainless steel fixings GB1919901900
Cistern fixation kit csmp206592 For floor standing toilets GB1929900217
Standard seat csmp206592 For floor standing toilets from between 1977 and 1995, white GB1929900226
Screw bag csmp206592 Contains screws/plugs/glue plugs (4x), for floor standing toilets GB1929900365