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  • RSK номер |  
  • Артикул: GB41215304 067 |  
  • EAN номер: 7393792232098
  • Safe Touch reduces heat on the front of the faucet
  • Contains less than 0.1% lead
  • Can be complemented with bathtub spout

Информация о продукте

Сборка и уход
Дополнительная информация
Глубина - 75 mm
Длина - 290 mm
Ширина - 290 mm
Max. tap capacity (at 300 kPa): 0,46 l/s
Pressure loss with flow (0,2 l/s) 57 kPa
  • Contains less than 0.1% lead
  • With functionally adapted elongated lever and knob
  • Built-in automatic hot water block for scald protection
  • Block button on the temperature side at comfort temperature 38°C
  • Adjustable max temperature for increased scald protection
  • Safe Touch reduces heat on the front of the faucet
  • Block button on flow side at comfort flow
  • Responds quickly to changes in pressure and temperature, maintaining even water temperature
  • Ceramic cartridge ensures non-drip operation and longevity, in addition the use for small and weak hands is simplified
  • Type-approved check valve in the inlet
  • Backflow protection in accordance with SS-EN 1717 [EB]
  • Can be complemented with a Gustavsberg bathtub spout