Armrest Nautic 3055

Armrest Nautic 3055

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  • EAN-nr: 5708590299587
Without seat
  • Ergonomically designed grab bar
  • Fits the Nautic series
  • Combines with Care seat 3060

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Armrest fits all Nordic toilets except wall-mounted bowl 5530. Grab bar is ergonomically designed so as to provide solid grasp when moving to and from toilet. Grab bars manage a load of 60 kg per bar. Delivered without seat.

  • Made from stainless and powder-coated steel, polyurethane handle
  • Fits all toilets in the Nautic series, except wall-mounted 5530
  • Ergonomically designed grab bar in dark grey contrast colour
  • Handles load of 60 kg per bar
  • Optional toilet paper holder