Shower mixer Care

Shower mixer Care

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  • EAN-nr: 7393792228619
Lead-free - grip-friendly knobs, 150 c-c
  • Safe Touch reduces heat on the front of the faucet
  • Contains less than 0.1% lead
  • Can be complemented with bathtub spout

Product information

Standards & Approvals
Assembling & Care

Mounted according to the instructions. Prior to installation the lines must be flushed up to the faucet. The faucet is connected with the cold water line on the right and the hot water line on the left. Water pressure: max 1000 kPa, min 50kPa. Hot water temperature: max 80°C, min 45°C. Please note that we are not liable for damage resulting from improper installation.

Other info
Deep - 90 mm
Length - 395 mm
Width - 165 mm
Max. tap capacity (at 300 kPa): 0,46 l/s
Pressure loss with flow (0,2 l/s) 57 kPa
  • Contains less than 0.1% lead
  • With functionally adapted grip-friendly knobs
  • Built-in automatic hot water block for scald protection
  • Block button on the temperature side at comfort temperature 38°C
  • Adjustable max temperature for increased scald protection
  • Safe Touch reduces heat on the front of the faucet
  • Block button on flow side at comfort flow
  • Responds quickly to changes in pressure and temperature, maintaining even water temperature
  • Ceramic cartridge ensures non-drip operation and longevity, in addition the use for small and weak hands is simplified
  • Type-approved check valve in the inlet
  • Backflow protection in accordance with SS-EN 1717 [EB]
  • Can be complemented with a Gustavsberg bathtub spout