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Nordic3 from 2017-


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Item number

Membrane csmp206599 For fill valve 9GS01300, cistern, floor standing toilet 9GS01400
Membrane csmp206599 For inlet valve, cistern, toilet 9GN00300
Inlet valve csmp206599 For cistern, toilet 9GN00210
Cistern housing csmp206599 For cistern, floor standing toilet GB184700001200
Flush button Duo, chrome csmp206599 For flush valve 9GS01600, toilet 9GS01561
Outlet valve universal with push button csmp206599 Outlet valve universal with push button 9GN01761
Valve housing gasket csmp206599 For cistern 9GS01600, toilet 9GS01700
Mounting kit csmp206599 For cistern, floor standing toilet GB19299P0204
Shut-off valve csmp206599 For floor standing toilets GB1929900503
Toilet seat Nordic³ 9M64 - Standard csmp206599 White 9M646101
Toilet seat Nordic³ 8780 - rigid fixings csmp206599 White 8780G101
Toilet seat Nordic3 - SC/QR csmp206599 White 8780S101
Stainless steel fixings for 8780S101, pair csmp206599 Supplied in pairs, for floor standing toilets - hard seat 92211761
Plug bag, complete csmp206599 GB19299P0207
Screw bag csmp206599 Contains screws/plugs/glue plugs (4x), for floor standing toilets GB1929900365