Child WC 305, from 1950-


Detail number and product



Item number

Flush button csmp206591 Model NP-11, for cistern, floor standing toilet GB1929900237
Bottom valve csmp206591 Model NP-20, for cistern, toilet (from 1982-) GB1929900238
Valve ball csmp206591 Model NP/NT/ST, for cistern, toilet GB1929900245
Locknut csmp206591 Model NP-10, cistern, floor standing toilet GB1929900236
Cistern housing csmp206591 With lid and without fittings, for floor standing toilets (from 1992-) GB1042060101
Cistern gasket csmp206591 For cistern, floor standing toilet GB1929900316
Hinges csmp206591 For standard seat, floor standing toilet GB1929901453
Cistern fixation kit csmp206591 For floor standing toilets GB1929900217
Screw bag csmp206591 Contains screws/plugs/glue plugs (4x), for floor standing toilets GB1929900365
Standard seat csmp206591 For floor standing toilets GB1919900910
Fill valve csmp206591 For side-attached cistern, toilet GB1929901974
Membrane csmp206591 For fill valve GB1929901972, cistern, floor standing toilet GB19299P0206