Bidet mixer NordicPlus/Skandic03


Detail number and product



Item number

Lever, Nordic csmp239556 GB41636617 01
Lever, Nordic csmp239556 For improved accessibility GB41635430 01
Covering plug csmp239556 GB41634828 01
Cover csmp239556 Threaded GB41634470 01
Cover csmp239556 With O-ring GB41636326 01
Packet screw M5x63 csmp239556 GB41636302 02
Ceramic package csmp239556 GB41633877 01
Ceramic package TT function csmp239556 GB41635678 8701
Lever fixing TP 6-19 csmp239556 GB41636319
Gasket set csmp239556 GB41633513 01
Aerator csmp239556 M24x1 B GB41630131 01
Aerator/ball joint csmp239556 M18x1 GB41637270 01
SoftPex hose csmp239556 M10x1-Ø10 GB41637161 02
Fittings csmp239556 For Nautic until 2011 GB41637280 01
Pop-up waste csmp239556 GB41637450
Plug csmp239556 Ø 40 mm, 2007.05-2012.10 GB41632625 01
Plug csmp239556 Ø 38 mm 2007.05-2012.09 GB41637453
SoftPex hose csmp239556 M10x1-G1/2 GB41638224 01
Shower hose, Biflex csmp239556 175cm, for Side spray GB41636263 00
Hand shower csmp239556 Self-closing GB41633860 33
Hand shower fixing csmp239556 Chrome GB41637575
Lever ND40 csmp239556 lead free GB41636337 01
Lever, pin, Skandic 03 csmp239556 GB41636448 01
Lever, leg, Skandic 03 csmp239556 GB41636447 01
Cover csmp239556 GB41635680 01
Aerator csmp239556 Jointed M24x1 GB41632863 01
Lever, pin, Skandic 03 mini csmp239556 GB41636920 01
Aerator csmp239556 M18x1 GB41636912 01
Fittings csmp239556 GB41636457 01
Ceramic package 35 csmp239556 GB41636654 01
Packet screw M5x42 csmp239556 GB41636606 02
Packet screw M4x56 csmp239556 GB41635671 02