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Bathtub with front


Detail number and product



Item number

Hook and spring for whole front stand csmp210499 For whole fronts made between 2000 and 2009 GB2929900228
Outlet pipe csmp210499 White GB2929900172
Control pin csmp210499 for base, whole front/end produced after 2009 (pair) GB2929970002
Plastic clip csmp210499 for base, whole front/end produced after 2009 (pair) GB2929970001
Replacement stopper csmp210499 Including inlet filter, screw, black rubber stopper and chain GB2929900174
Adjustable feet csmp210499 for whole, half and design front stands (4x) GB2929970004
Stopper for pop-up valve csmp210499 Chrome GB2929970005
Stopper and handle csmp210499 Chrome GB2924300156
Overflow system csmp210499 Short version GB2924300155
Bottom valve complete csmp210499 Fits all standard bathtubs GB2929900175
Corner protection towards front stand csmp210499 For all bathtubs produced after 2000 GB2929900110
Repair enamel csmp210499 White GB1923101721