Shower mixer Nautic

Shower mixer Nautic

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  • ART-nr: GB41205387 |  
  • EAN-nr: 7393792225564
Shower package incl. shower set, 160 c-c
  • Energy class A, saves water and energy
  • Safe Touch reduces the heat on the front of the faucet
  • Maintains even water temperature upon pressure and temperature changes
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Product information

Standards & Approvals
  • Complies with Safe Water installation requirementsEnergy class A, 1.2 kWh
Assembling & Care

Prior to installation the lines must be flushed up to the faucet. The faucet is connected with the cold water line on the right and the hot water line on the left. Water pressure: max 1000 kPa, min 50kPa. Hot water temperature: max 80°C, min 45°C. Please note that we are not liable for damage resulting from improper installation.

Drawing Assembly instruction Care instruction
Other info

The mixer is also available as 150 c-c with item number GB41215387, RSK-no. 8425492

Deep - 105 mm
Length - 930 mm
Width - 155 mm
Max. tap capacity (at 300 kPa): 0,108 l/s

Shower package consists of: Faucet, RSK 8425481 Item no. GB41205304. Shower set Nautic I, RSK 8218289 Item no. GB41103240 00, Flow adjuster 9 L/min, RSK 8566898 Item GB41103614.

  • Timeless and harmonic design
  • Energy class A, saves water and energy
  • All components made with food-safe materials
  • Water and energy-saving hand shower
  • PVC-free shower hose 1.75 m
  • Max flow 6.5 l/min
  • Smart shelf with practical hooks
  • Wall attachment with adjustable