Kitchen mixer Atlantic - high spout

Kitchen mixer Atlantic - high spout

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  • ART-nr: GB41205098 |  
  • EAN-nr: 7393792232326
With dishwasher shut-off
  • Pivoting spout 110° (0° and 60° block included)
  • ECO Flow adapted flow
  • Cold-start, only cold water when the lever is in straight forward position
Eco_flow AdjustableFlow Cold_start Smart_inside Quick fit

Product information

Standards & Approvals
Assembling & Care

Prior to installation the lines must be flushed up to the faucet. The faucet is connected with the cold water line on the right and the hot water line on the left. Water pressure: max 1000 kPa, min 50kPa. Hot water temperature: max 70°C, min 45°C. Please note that we are not liable for damage resulting from improper installation.

Drawing Assembly instruction
Other info
Deep - 75 mm
Length - 440 mm
Width - 275 mm
Max. tap capacity (at 300 kPa): 0,136 l/s
Pressure loss with flow (0,2 l/s) 652 kPa
  • Design that makes cleaning of larger pots and buckets easier
  • Lever with clear color marking for hot and cold
  • Pivoting spout 110° (0° and 60° block included)
  • Soft move, technology for smooth and precise handling
  • Ceramic seal to prevent dripping and ensure a long service life
  • Smart inside, sustainable construction for future requirements
  • Adjustable max temperature for improved scald protection
  • All components made in food approved materials
  • Type-approved flexible water connection for simpler installation
  • Backflow protection in accordance with SS-EN 1717 [AA]