New Nautic - Why change a winning concept?

Mattias Virsgård, Product & Channel Manager, responsible for the development of New Nautic.

We asked him why it was time to upgrade Gustavsberg’s successful mixer:

Why New Nautic?

We are not interested in keeping up with the development of sustainability in our industry – we want to lead it. More requirements and more stringent demands are appearing all the time, and by staying one step ahead, Gustavsberg can be a smart partner for professionals. Sustainability is in our DNA, and our work with New Nautic encompasses several of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Why so much focus on sustainability?

Because we are talking about sustainability on all levels today: New Nautic is made in Vårgårda, Sweden, it is up to 90 percent recyclable and it meets all environmental requirements in the industry. But sustainability is also a question of timeless design, quick and simple installation, high quality, low life cycle costs, a long-term spare parts strategy and more. Nautic’s service life is at least 15 years, and that can easily turn into 25 years in practice.

Who is New Nautic intended for?

You could say that Nautic is the backbone of our range for professionals. It meets all the relevant requirements and generates added value in every link of the chain, from architects to builders and fitters – and, of course, users. If you ask me, Nautic is the best choice for all target groups.

Tell us more about “Smart Inside”

Smart Inside means that all our interfaces are fixed. In practice, this means that we can always replace the spouts on kitchen mixers, as well as the ceramic cartridges, levers and more; not just now, but also over time. We’ve upgraded the ceramic part and made it simple to replace the inner workings – without having to replace the entire mixer. Thanks to the platform the mixers can be adapted to suit the times, as well as to match different requirements, price frameworks and markets. Think “good, better, best” – but still with the same product on the outside.

Who benefits from that?

Everyone! It ensures both flexibility and continuity in large projects and minimises the need for spare parts. Smart Inside also supports reuse because you can update old products to bring them in line with modern standards as regards functionality and sustainability alike.

What’s the biggest advantage of Nautic?

All in all, it’s the simplicity; and that is so important! Nautic is simple to install and to maintain, and it is just as easy to use and to appreciate. Nautic makes it simple to choose the right mixer.

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