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Unbroken lines and soft contours elevate design

Bathroom collection - Estetic

Collection - Estetic

A bathroom furnished with Estetic is beautiful, hygienic and functional. The organic design is a treat for the eye and presents generous flat surfaces. Pure, unbroken lines and soft contours facilitate cleaning and boost hygiene. Estetic is available in three styles: polished white, matte white and dramatic black.

The best about Estetic

  • Beautiful shapes and design
  • Smart solutions
  • Suits both large and small bathrooms

Design for a beautiful bathroom

You may believe it is hard to decorate a bathroom at home and yet achieve results in line with your expectations. The challenge is to combine various bathroom products and ideas and become happy with the outcome. Estetic bathroom collection makes it simple to design your bathroom with style. The collection features a neutral look and soft lines there the products are suitable to any bathroom style.

Here is what designers think about Estetic

I love the soft, sensual shape. And the smooth, soft shapes make it simple to keep clean.

Mija Kinning, Interior design and TV personality

The shape of the porcelain is a flow – like water. I toned down the sharp angles which eliminated unnecessary surfaces that simply gather dust.

Jon Eliason, Swedish furnishing architect and designer

Beautiful porcelain and organic design

Estetic makes it simple to design a beautiful, functional and hygienic bathroom.

Estetic is also available in dramatic black

For you who prefer a more modern look and an intense effect for your bathroom interior design. Black bathroom porcelain is dramatic, creates a unique touch and brings personality to your bathroom.

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