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Add some greenery to your bathroom

Living plants boost well-being and brighten up any room, including the bathroom. To cut down on the maintenance, you can spruce up your bathroom with attractive twigs and/or dried flowers, but there are many living plants that thrive in dark, humid environments. Visit your local flower shop for inspiration and advice.


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Renovate the tile joins

Tiles and porcelain are both materials with long service lives and the capacity to remain looking fresh for decades. However, the grouted joins often start to age after a few years. Cleaning or changing the colour of the grouted joins is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to freshen up your bathroom. If you want to restyle the overall impression, you can try a livelier colour than what you had before. Cleaning agents and/or paints are available from your nearest tile store, while instruction videos are readily available on YouTube.


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Bring music into your bathroom

If you already have a wireless system in your home, it is simple to bring music into your bathroom. All you need is an active loudspeaker (i.e. a speaker with its own amplifier, connected to the electricity supply), which you place somewhere in the bathroom away from sources of water and splashes. If you want to take things a little further, there are numerous online stores that stock a range of waterproof Bluetooth loudspeakers.


Replace yellowed silicone

Silicone has a tendency to fade to yellow in time. And yellow – or even mould-flecked – silicone can make an entire bathroom look and feel shabby. The solution for a halfway gifted DIY-enthusiast is to remove the old silicone and replace it with a new application. There are plenty of instruction videos and tips to be found on YouTube.


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Pimp your bathroom with a new mirror

The bathroom mirror is a strategically important item of furniture in the home. The standard solution in most bathroom is a top cabinet with a single mirror door and some kind of lighting. Period. But there are all kinds of attractive and functional variations of this particular piece of furniture: a mirror with practical and atmospheric backlighting, for example. Gustavsberg stocks a wide range of bathroom mirrors and bathroom cabinets packed with smart details.

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Hang the WC on the wall

As long as the wall-mounted WC is connected to the existing drain and the surrounding surfaces are kept intact, you can install this yourself. Triomont is the name of a smart solution from Gustavsberg that makes it easy – and less space-intensive – to install a wall-mounted WC. In fact, 14 cm of free space in front of the wall is all you need.


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Easy changes that make a difference in the bathroom

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Find bathroom furnishings at flea markets

There’s no rule against furnishing your bathroom with rustic furniture, but remember that any items you choose must be made of solid wood. Ordinary particle board furniture cannot withstand the atmosphere. So choose oak or other types of wood that are better able to resist moisture. Oil the wooden furniture regularly and it will stay looking good in your bathroom for years.


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Replace your bathroom storage units

Toilets, washbasins and mixers require a little more input, but attractive new bathroom storage units are easy to buy, fit and adapt. Units from Gustavsberg make it simple to set up good storage solutions in both large and small bathrooms.


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Good luck, and live life in the bathroom!