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Sustainability takes planning

If the costs are not to spiral out of control as the building work progresses – and if you are to keep on appreciating and enjoying your eco-friendly bathroom for as many years as possible – think through every detail in advance. From everyday economy and function to practical matters such as cleaning.
Use our bathroom planner to draw up your new bathroom.

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High quality translates into an eco-friendly bathroom

“Use once and throw it away” is never a sustainable solution. Good quality costs a little more but pays dividends in the long term – high-quality bathroom furniture designed to withstand humid environments, for example. You must, of course, also be happy with how the products look and the feeling they inspire for as many years as possible. So choose timeless colours, timeless design and timeless material. Gustavsberg products are high-quality products with a chic Scandinavian design idiom.


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Our economy-flow mixers

Simply installing economy-flow mixers from Gustavsberg will help you save up to 30 percent on water heating and up to 45 percent on water consumption, without it affecting your level of luxury in the bathroom. This applies equally to washbasin and shower mixers – and to kitchen mixers while you’re at it. Reducing your consumption of water and energy means living a more sustainable life, to the benefit of the planet – and to your wallet.

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Live sustainably in your bathroom; hints:

  • Enjoy the wonderful hot water in your new bathroom, but remember to turn off the water when you’re not using it.
  • Sort at source: You will naturally accumulate a lot of plastic packaging and other waste in your bathroom. Make sure to sort the different materials at source. And keep an eye out for brands that use recycled packaging and eco-friendly products.
  • Pull out the plugs. A lot of electrical devices consume electricity even when they are not in use.
  • Put in a waste paper basket, for everything you don’t flush down the toilet.
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Hygienic Flush


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No place for dirt


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Good luck, and enjoy your new, sustainable life in your bathroom!