Toilet Nautic 5591 - exposed S-trap, large footprint

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Easy-to-clean and minimalist design

Toilet Nautic 5591 - exposed S-trap, large footprint

Dual flush 2/4 L, standard seat

  • Easy-to-clean and minimalist design
  • Full coverage condensation-free flush tank
  • Large footprint: covers marks left by old toilet

Article number: GB115591201211
EAN-number: 7391530063256


Assembling & Care

Floor mounting with four stainless screws and plastic covers. The rounded tank and small outer dimensions also make it suitable for corner placement. Intended primarily as a replacement model during renovation without stack and/or floor replacement. The large footprint covers marks left by old toilet. See included installation guide.

Assembly Instruction


Care instruction

Standards & Approvals

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  • The product follows AMA recommendations, SS-EN 33 dimensioning and SS-EN 997 function
  • Complies with Safe Water installation requirements
  • CE approved

Other info

Ballcock with adjustable connection R1/2 external metal threading. The bottom valve has a button-operated half and full flush (dual flush). Factory set to 2.6/4.0 litre, or with button-operated bottom valve for single flush.

  • Toilet Nautic 5591 with S-trap. With 2/4 litre dual flush and standard seat.
  • Deep - 940 mm
  • Length - 680 mm
  • Width - 360 mm


  • Made from hygienic, durable and densely sintered sanitary ware
  • Easy-to-clean and minimalist design
  • Glazed under the flush edge for simplified cleaning
  • Factory set dual flush 2.6/4 L
  • Flush volume adjustable up to 6 L
  • Ergonomically elevated flush button
  • Seat height 420 mm
  • The large footprint covers marks left by old toilet
  • Full-coverage, condensation-free tank
  • Quiet refill
  • Can be fitted with armrest and care seat for improved accessibility
  • Can be combined with several push button alternatives: white, chrome or push button for public environments
  • Adjustable water connection R1/2´
  • Mounting to floor with four screws or adhesive installation
  • Suitable for corner installation
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