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Artic from 2005-2017


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Item number

Flush button Duo csmp206386 Model T2, for cistern, toilet, chrome GB19299T2951
Flush button Duo csmp206386 For flush valve GB19299N2953, toilet GB19299N2951
Cistern cover csmp206386 Model T2, for cistern housing, toilet, white GB1929900500
Valve housing, flush valve Duo csmp206386 For cistern, toilet. Flush button DUO included. GB19299N2953
Valve housing gasket csmp206386 For cistern 9GS01600, toilet 9GS01700
Valve housing gasket csmp206386 For cistern, toilet GB19299TK962
Outlet valve universal with push button csmp206386 Outlet valve universal with push button 9GN01761
Membrane csmp206386 For fill valve GB1929901972, cistern, floor standing toilet GB19299P0206
Inlet valve csmp206386 For cistern, toilet 9GN00210
WC connector, Variobend csmp206386 75-185 mm, for floor standing toilets 87110000
Cistern gasket csmp206386 For cistern, floor standing toilet GB1929900504
Shut-off valve csmp206386 For floor standing toilets GB1929900503
Cistern fixation kit csmp206386 For attaching the cistern GB1929900505
Floor fixation kit csmp206386 Supplied in pairs, for toilets GB1929900381
Toilet seat Artic 9M16 - SC/QR csmp206386 White 9M16S101
Toilet seat - SC/QR csmp206386 Black 9M16S136
Hard seat csmp206386 For toilets, black, including stainless steel fixings 98895136
Hinges csmp206386 Supplied in pairs, for toilet seats 9M16S101 and 9M16S136 (from 2013-) 92241761
csmp206386 92242400
Buffer set csmp206386 For hard seats Artic 9M16S101 and Nordic3 9967B101, toilet 92242201