Kitchen mixer, Atlantic - with DUO function


Detail number and product



Item number

Lever, Atlantic csmp341352 Chrome GB41639541 01
Cover csmp341352 GB41639523 01
Nut - ceramic package csmp341352 GB41639522 01
Ceramic package csmp341352 35 mm standard, black GB41637393
Ceramic Cartridge csmp341352 35 mm, energy class A GB41639567 01
Aerator csmp341352 M22x1 GB41630129 01
Aerator csmp341352 M22x1, 7 l/min GB41639610 01
Swiveling limiter kit csmp341352 For spout GB41638450
O-ring set csmp341352 GB41637010 01
Dishwasher shutdown csmp341352 GB41639547 01
Plug, countertop dishwasher connection csmp341352 GB41639525 01
SoftPex hose csmp341352 Rotating GB41638721 02
Softpex hose 440 mm csmp341352 ext. G1/2 GB41638701 01
Mounting kit - kitchen mixer csmp341352 GB41639573 01
Spout, Atlantic csmp341352 GB41639540 01
Control or dishwasher shutdown GB41639707 01
Cable for electronic dishwasher shutdown csmp341352 GB41639678 01
Bracket for electronic dishwasher shutdown GB41639681 01
Shut-off valve for electronic dishwasher shutdown csmp341352 GB41639680 01
Power adapter, 220 V for electronic dishwasher shutdown csmp341352 GB41639683 01
Main unit for duo GB41639686 01
Shut-off valve for duo csmp341352 GB41639690 01
Power adapter, 220 V for duo csmp341352 GB41639688 01
Control for duo csmp341352 GB41639685 01