Kitchen mixer, Basic


Detail number and product



Item number

Lever, Basic csmp237449 GB41639123 01
Ceramic package csmp237449 With comfort flow GB41637352 01
Retaining ring M45x1.5 csmp237449 GB41637261 01
Spout csmp237449 GB41639066 01
Aerator csmp237449 M18.5x1 “B” GB41638549 01
X-rings csmp237449 GB41633971 02
Details for swiveling limiter csmp237449 For kitchens and wall mixers GB41633972
Insert to shut down dishwasher csmp237449 From 1998 08 GB41635762 3301
SoftPex hose csmp237449 M10x1-Ø10 GB41637161 02
SoftPex hose csmp237449 M10x1-G1/2 GB41638220 01
Fittings csmp237449 GB41634157 01
Mounting tools 13/6k csmp237449 GB43000014 10