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Bath mixer, Nautic - single-grip


Detail number and product



Item number

Lever, Nautic csmp237503 GB41637250
Elongated lever csmp237503 Lead-free - with holes GB41637360 01
Elongated lever csmp237503 Lead-free - with holes and color marking for hot and cold water GB41637363 01
Covering plug csmp237503 GB41634828 01
Ceramic package csmp237503 With comfort flow GB41637352 01
Retaining ring M45x1.5 csmp237503 GB41637261 01
Aerator csmp237503 M28x1, chrome GB41634555 01
Aerator csmp237503 M22x1 GB41630129 01
Aerator csmp237503 M24x1 B GB41630131 01
Swiveling spout csmp237503 250 mm GB41630184
Pull diverter csmp237503 GB41636577 01
Connecting nipple csmp237503 G1/2-M20x1,5 GB41634757 01
Connecting nipple csmp237503 G1/2-M20x1,5, check valve GB41634756 01
Connecting nipple csmp237503 For diverter/spout GB41636359 01
Connecting nipple csmp237503 For spout GB41637347
Swiveling spout csmp237503 85 mm GB41633631
Swiveling spout csmp237503 150 mm GB41633632
Swiveling spout csmp237503 200 mm GB41633633
Swiveling spout csmp237503 250 mm GB41633614
Swiveling spout csmp237503 350 mm GB41633616
O-ring set for spout csmp237503 GB41633952 01
Details for swiveling limiter csmp237503 For kitchens and wall mixers GB41633972
Hand shower for wall-mounted mixer csmp237503 GB41634210
Aerator csmp237503 M24x1 D GB41637387 01
Pull diverter knob csmp237503 GB41636822 01
Gasket csmp237503 Ø 24.2-15.3x3 GB41635641
Retaining ring M45x1.5 “lead-free” GB41638981 01
Connecting nipple csmp237503 M20x1.5 G1/2 lead-free GB41638955 01
Non-return valve with filter csmp237503 GB41632698 02