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Bath mixer, Coloric - single-grip


Detail number and product



Item number

Lever, Coloric csmp237454 For washbasin mixer GB41637406
Lever, Coloric csmp237454 For kitchen, tub and shower mixers GB41637407
Ceramic package csmp237454 For washbasin and kitchen mixers GB41637415
Ceramic package 35 mm Smart+ standard csmp237454 GB41637393
Aerator csmp237454 M18.5x1 GB41637418
Aerator csmp237454 M24x1 B GB41630131 01
Aerator csmp237454 M24x1 D GB41637387 01
Fittings csmp237454 GB41637280 01
Fittings csmp237454 GB41638358 01
SoftPex hose csmp237454 GB41637389 02
Shower hose, Biflex csmp237454 175cm, for Side spray GB41636263 00
Hand shower csmp237454 Self-closing GB41633860 33
Hand shower fixing csmp237454 Chrome GB41637575
SoftPex hose csmp237454 Stainless Steel, 650 mm, M10x1 GB41638361 02
Connecting nipple csmp237454 Outlet GB41637410
Pull diverter csmp237454 GB41637416
Tools, Nautic csmp237454 GB41637260
Sleeve Nv30 csmp237454 GB41638429 01
X-rings csmp237454 GB41633971 02