Washbasin mixer, Estetic


Detail number and product



Item number

Lever, Estetic csmp237382 For washbasin mixer, chrome GB41639332 01
Lever wash basin mixer Estetic csmp237382 Matte Black GB41639332 53
Lever, Estetic csmp237382 For washbasin mixer, matte white GB41639332 41
Ceramic pack csmp237382 ø35 with distributor GB41639329 01
Aerator, csmp237382 M24x1 GB41639333 01
SPX hose csmp237382 440 mm GB41636726 02
Fittings csmp237382 GB41639327 01
Fittings csmp237382 GB41639331 01
Pushdown valve csmp237382 For washbasins with overflow GB41636575 01
Push-down valve csmp237382 Black GB41636575 23
Pushdown valve, Estetic csmp237382 White, for washbasins with overflow GB41636575 25
Push-down valve csmp237382 Matte white GB41636575 41