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Bathtub without panels - 1570x700

Bathtub without panels - 1570x700

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  • EAN-nr: 4038565013728
Bathtub without support frame
  • Standard bathtub for replacement/update, with exterior enamelling
  • Premium quality titanium alloy steel
  • Compatible with support frame

Product information

Standards & Approvals
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  • The product follows AMA recommendations & SS-EN 232
  • CE approved
Assembling & Care

Front panel is assembled to a frame. The frame is adjusted horizontally with the adjustable feet. The bathtub, which is equipped with damping/friction material under the corner, is lowered into the frame. The plastic drainpipe is cut and connected to the floor drain. Installation instructions are included.

Drawing Care instruction
Other info
Deep - 420 mm
Length - 1570 mm
Width - 700 mm

A completely newly designed frame without panel, making for an easy-to-clean bathroom. The bathroom is very stable with legs out in the corners. No risk that any of the legs will end up in the floor drain. The frame can be shifted laterally and depthwise in relation to the tub and gives

  • Standard bathtub designed for replacement/update
  • Enamelled underside
  • Premium quality titanium alloy steel
  • Optional grab bar and anti-slip bottom for added safety
  • Glazeplus can be added for fast and environmentally friendly cleaning
  • Optional support frame