If you’re planning a new build or a renovation – we have the bathroom for you! We have a wide range of products to cover a variety of needs. We have divided our products into different bathroom ranges, which we have collected here. Scroll down to see more.

Smart storage solutions that maximize your bathroom space

Bathroom cabinet with smart storage solution

Hide your most valuable bathroom items in this fold-out `secret compartment`.

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Modern, Stylish bathroom cabinet

Cool Style and function in a small space.

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Organic design with generous surface space

Washbasin mixer, high spout, chrome

Special design that heightens the impression.

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Matt white washbasin with soft curves

An alternative to standard white porcelain.

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Elegant and modern, yet still traditional

Generous bathroom storage

Plenty of space for your things.

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Large washbasin with benefits 

No more splashing!

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Neat, modern mixers that are 100% recyclable

Trendy black bathtub mixer

Unique mixer with safe technology.

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Stylish washbasin mixer

Use the adjustable flow to save water.

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Our most attractive bathroom range ever

Smart washbasin mixer

Adjustable comfort flow that cares for the environment.

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Hygienic toilet

Easy to clean, minimalist design.

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Shallower depth makes it easy to clean in small spaces

Wall-mounted WC that is easy to clean

Glazed flush rim facilitates cleaning.

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Environmentally conscious washbasin mixer

A combination of superior quality and design.

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A complete, economical bathroom rangen

Compact washbasin mixer

Scandinavian design that suits all washbasins.

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An economical, wall-mounted WC

Matches all our bathroom fixtures.

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