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  • ART-nr: GB111591201311 |  
  • EAN-nr: 7391530067520
  • Easy-to-clean and minimalistic design
  • Open flush edge for simplified cleaning
  • Large footprint: covers marks left by old toilets
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  • CE-hyväksytty, SS-EN 33 -mitoituksia ja SS-EN 997-funktioita.
  • Made from hygienic, durable and densely sintered sanitary ware
  • Easy-to-clean and minimalistic design
  • Glazed under the flush edge for simplified cleaning
  • Factory set dual flush 2.6/4L
  • Flush volume adjustable up to 6L
  • Low flush button in a neat design
  • Seat height 420 mm
  • The large footprint covers marks left by old toilet
  • Full-coverage, condensation-free cistern
  • Quiet refilling
  • Can be combined with armrest and care seat for improved accessibility
  • Several seat options in two different colours, white or black
  • With open, glazed flush edge for simplified cleaning
  • Flushes all the way up to the rim for improved hygiene
  • Adjustable water connection R1/2´ for flexible installation
  • Mounting to floor with four screws or adhesive installation
  • Suitable for corner installation