Dušo stovas „Nordic Round“

Dušo stovas „Nordic Round“

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  • ART-nr: GB41201730 |  
  • EAN-nr: 7391530077000
160 c-c
  • Safe Touch reduces the heat on the front of the mixer
  • Maintains even water temperature during pressure and temperature changes
  • Can be supplemented with reverse pipe
Smart_inside Safe_touch Even_temperature

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Surinkimas ir priežiūra

Prieš įrengiant būtina praplauti linijas iki pat čiaupo. Maišytuvas yra sujungtas su šalto vandens linija dešinėje ir karšto vandens linija kairėje. Vandens slėgis: maks. – 1 000 kPa, min. – 50 kPa. Karšto vandens temperatūra: maks. – 80 °C, min. – 45 °C. Atminkite, kad mes neatsakome už žalą, padarytą dėl netinkamo įrengimo.

Brėžiniai Montavimo instrukcija
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Gylis - 1265 mm
Ilgis - 655 mm
Plotis - 285 mm
Max. tap capacity (at 300 kPa): 0,425 l/s
Pressure loss with flow (0,33 l/s) 181 kPa
  • Super thin round ceiling shower Ø250 mm
  • Easy clean – the design of the shower nozzles means that lime deposits can be effectively wiped away
  • Ceiling shower and shower arm are rotatable and can be adjusted completely individually
  • 400 mm long shower arm provides a generous shower space
  • Telescopically adjustable height 770-1165 mm
  • Flexible wall bracket 50-130 mm for easy installation
  • 3-function hand shower with button
  • Hand shower on sliding
  • 1.75 m chrome-plated hose
  • Reverse function in the flow knob
  • Built-in automatic hot water barrier for scalding protection
  • Lock button at comfort temperature 38°C
  • Safe Touch reduces the heat on the front of the mixer
  • Reacts quickly to pressure and temperature changes in the water flow, which provides an even water temperature
  • Ceramic shut-off for drip protection and long life, also simplifies use for small and weak hands
  • Type-approved non-return valves in the inlets
  • Backflow protection according to SS-EN 1717 [EB]