Gustavsberg's smart symbols

In order for you to find the qualities you are looking for in your bathroom products, we have created simple symbols to make the searching easier for you. Gustavsberg's smart symbols, list down below, explains advantages in choosing and using our products.

Energy-saving Gustavsberg


A revolutionary energy-saving function that can help reduce your energy consumption by 50%. The simple solution is based on the fact that you have to move the lever actively all the way to the left to reach the maximum water temperature. When you release the lever, it automatically returns to the preset comfort temperature, approx. 38-40 ºC. The comfort temperature is fully adjustable to match individual preferences.

Smart symbol water-saving Gustavsberg


This mixer helps you avoid using more water than necessary. The starting position provides a preset comfort flow, which is sufficient for washing up or washing your hands, for example. To open the full flow, you need to lift the lever to its highest position. When you release the lever, it automatically returns to the comfort flow position. The flow function is fully adjustable to suit individual preferences.

smart symbols eco-smart Gustavsberg


An energy-economical mixer that starts automatically at a temperature of 17 ºC from its starting position (lever straight ahead), helping you save both energy and money.


The smart sensor technology automatically helps you to ave energy and avoid wasting water. The mixer turns on when you place your hands in the appropriate position, and shuts off again as soon as you remove them. During cleaning, cover the sensor eye to disable the mixer temporarily. Powered by a standard battery or transformer.

smart symbol lead-free faucet Gustavsberg


The mixer is made of material whose total weight includes less than 0,1% lea. As such, it is an eco-smart mixer that meets stringent requirements with reference to lead content. The mixer features a discreet laser marked symbol on its rear side to facilitate tracability.

smart symbols anti-bacterial colours Gustavsberg


The mixer's anti-bacterial surface treatment on all painted levers and handles counteracts the spread of bacteria (such as pneumococci and multi-resistant bacteria), viruses and fungi, for example. The surface treatment has a long-term effect, proven for at least five years.

Auto-repair colours smart symbols Gustavsberg


The mixer features unique auto-repair properties, which mean that minor scratches that appear on painted levers and handles in the Logic range quite simply disappear on their own. The painted surface treatment makes the mixer more durable and reduces the risk of bacteria spreading.

Even pressure & temperature smart symbols Gustavsberg


Thermostatic mixers feature built-in automatic scald protection and hot-water safety stop with type-approved non-return valves. This means that the mixers react quickly to the changes in temperature and pressure that can arise in the water flow, and even out the differences.

soft close furniture smart symbols Gustavsberg


The acoustics in a bathroom can result in loud, sudden noises being particularly irritating. With soft-close functionality, cabinet doors and drawers close gently and quietly.

clear glass smart symbols Gustavsberg


Shower walls are constantly subjected to water, soap, oils, shampoo and limescale. For this reason, all Gustavsberg showers are fitted with "clear glass" - a protective exterior layer that facilitates cleaning and helps reduce the amount of detergent you need to use.

tilt-in smart symbols Gustavsberg


The bottom edge of shower corners, where the door meets the floor profile, is usually very difficult to keep clean. Our "tilt -in" function makes it simple for you to remove the shower doors from the floor profile for more efficient cleaning and improved hygiene.

elevating hinge smart symbols Gustavsberg


The elevating hinge is a smart detail that lifts the shower door 5 mm every time you open and close it. This minimises wear on both the floor and the shower doors. A practical function that provides a sense of authentic luxury.

glaze plus smart symbols Gustavsberg


Our bathtubs are available with an extra surface treatment called "glazeplus". This is a crystal-clear polymer film that protects the surface of your bathtub against dirt and limescale deposits - which facilitates cleaning and reduces the amount of detergent you need to use.

anti slip smart symbols Gustavsberg


The bathtub is available with an anti-slip treatment where quartz sand has been burned into the enamel in an aesthetically neutral pattern. The surface counteracts the risk of slipping when entering or leaving the bathtub. Moreover, it is located at the foot end of the tub so that it does not affect the overall bathing experience.

support handles smart symbols Gustavsberg


You can order the bathtub with support handles on the rim to improve safety and ease of use.

Tyst och torrt smart symbol Gustavsberg


The fully encompassing porcelain cover conceals a separate inner tank. This reduces noise and counteracts build-up of condensation on the porcelain cover, helping prevent the accumulation of dust.

no room for dirt smart symbols Gustavsberg


On all the Nautic WCs with a visible cistern, the "seam" between the seating ring and the porcelain cover has been filled out. A soft curve in the porcelain simplefies cleaning and prevents the build-up of dirt. The foot of the WC is smooth to facilitate cleaning and improve hygiene.

softe close smart symbols Gustavsberg


Hard, authentic toilet seats have previously been associated with loud noises when they are lowered. Soft close functionality has solved this problem through the introduction of a damper that is built into the seat to ensure that it can be lowered gently and quietly. The damper has no direct contact with the porcelain, which facilitates cleaning and makes the seat more hygienic.

quick release smart symbols Gustavsberg


With Quick-release functionality, you can remove the WC seat from the bowl easily and without tools. The seat and toilet can then be cleaned separately, which is both simpler and more hygienic.

ceramic plus smart symbols Gustavsberg


Many of our products are available with C+ surface treatment. This provides the porcelain with a dirt-repellent surface that prevents the accumulation of limescale and dirt. C+ is also good for the environment, as it means that you can use a milder detergent - and less of it! - when cleaning.

hygienic flush smart symbols Gustavsberg


Smarter flushing for improved hygiene and easier cleaning. The innovative design with open flush rim and smooth surfaces eliminates all potential dirt traps. Hygienic Flush minimises the need to use strong cleaning agents.

M.O.D urinationdistance Gustavsberg

M.O.D/ Urinationdistance

The front edge of the WC has been specially designed to provide extra distance for seated urination. The increase in distance helps prevent splashing and unhygienic contact with the porcelain. A smart product development that boosts hygiene and improves comfort.


M.O.D = Male Organ Distance

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