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[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] The size of the bathroom

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Small, medium or large?

Solutions suited for the size of the bathroom

Small and Light

The natural light and fresh feeling is created with different types of wood with blonde features.

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Medium-sized and Trendy

This rustic-industrial example includes furniture, a bathtub and also a shower.

Trendy, environmental-friendly and modern

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Large and Spacious

For those who think big, Gustavsberg proudly present créme de la créme á la Gustavsberg

Spacious, elegant or glamorous

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Bathroom series

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Timeless white or colorful modern

Let our series inspire you


A bathroom furnished with Nautic is silence, beautiful, fresh and hygienic.

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Logic makes your bathroom feel more spacious. All the previous curved lines have been replaced with straight and sharp ones.

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Artic serie Gustavsberg

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The straight lines and right angles give the Artic-series a modern feeling.

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Nordic 3

Nordic³ is the most functional and price worth bathroom series that Gustavsberg has to offer. Due to its functionality it fits most bathrooms.

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[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Innovations

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Environmental-friendly, energy-smart or both?

Solutions that saves both the environment and money

Hygienic Flush för ditt toalett - effektivt rent - Gustavsberg

Hygienic Flush

A revolutionary flush technique which gives the user optimal hygiene with every flush.

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Ceramicplus (C+)

Ceramicplus is an after-treatment which makes Gustavsberg's quality porcelain stain resistant to a microscopic level.

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