Змішувач для душу Coloric - термостатичний

Змішувач для душу Coloric - термостатичний

Червоний колір Passionate Red з верхнім підключенням до душу, міжосьова відстань 150 мм


Встановлення та догляд

Prior to installation the lines must be flushed up to the faucet. The faucet is connected with the cold water line on the right and the hot water line on the left. Water pressure: max 1000 kPa. Hot water temperature: max 80°C. Please note that we are not liable for damage resulting from improper installation.


    • The product is adapted to fulfil Safe Water Installation industry guidelines


    • Глибина - 90 mm
    • Довжина - 185 mm
    • Ширина - 190 mm


    • Clean and modern design
    • All components made with food-safe materials
    • Made from anodised aluminium, as mark-resistant as chrome plating
    • Built-in automatic hot water block for scald protection
    • Block button on the temperature side at comfort temperature 38°C
    • Just
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