[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Plan for a smarter bathroom

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] We provide you with planning and mounting support

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Planning suggestions

Based on your needs, what is best for you?

We help you to find answers to your bathroom questions

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Mounting support

Assembly assistance for those who do it yourself

Planning a bathroom is a form of art

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Assembly assistance

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Here we have gathered all Gustavsberg's assembly instructions depending on product group.

Find all the assembly instructions for your products here >
Assembly video - Rebuilding shower faucet into a mixer with spout

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Assembly videos

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Gustavsberg offers mounting videos for montage, adjustments, service and maintenance of our broad range of products.

Find more assembly videos here >

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Renovation help & bathroom projects

Earlier renovations

Here you will find exciting cases, from private renovations to public projects

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Private bathroom renovations

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] The Elmgren family had for a long time planned a bathroom renovation to freshen up the old one in the 60's villa. How should they proceed with the renovation? What is important to keep in mind for a bathroom renovation project?

Follow the family's bathroom renovation-story here >

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Public bathroom projects

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] We are experienced with public environments and have a broad range of products that keep up with the high demands in the market.

More about Gustavsberg's products in public environments >
[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Checklists

Are you ready to begin with your renovation?

Tick off against our checklists

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Before you begin with the renovation work

Read about tips and tricks >

[Translate to Ukraine / Україна:] Before you choose products for your bathroom

Read about our checklist >
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