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Arctic Bath – en unik upplevelseArctic Bath – en unik upplevelse

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Arctic Bath – en unik upplevelse

Precis söder om polarcirkeln i Lappland intill eller rättare sagt på Luleälven ligger ett unikt runt hotell flytande. Badrummen är designade med produkter från Gustavsberg och Villeroy & Boch.

To think about when considering HI-FI in your bathroom

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To think about when considering HI-FI in your bathroom

Erik Söderman is project manager at Solutions Hi-Fi Club, where his work involves installing audio and video systems in Swedish homes – increasingly often in bathrooms. We asked him about the best way to ensure optimal audio experiences in wet rooms.

Jon speaks through things

Bathroom inspiration

Jon speaks through things

Jon Eliason, the designer, was actually meant to have been an actor. It was the ‘family business’, and he was getting ready to ‘join the firm’, attending a theatrical high school and taking preparatory courses. In the end, however, he found his stories in the world of things.

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Welcome to the world of Gustavsberg!

With this page we want to share inspiration and information that can be of help when you are about to renovate or build a bathroom. We want to challenge your creativity, but also give you the latest updates on trends and tell you more about us and our broad product range of smart, high quality products.

Inspiration has been one of the driving forces in this company for about 190(!) years. Without it we would not have been here today. With the help of inspiration, the bathroom has gone from being a room for only hygienic matters to a room for enjoyment, luxury and relaxing quality time at its best.

If inspiration were a gift, I personally think it's one of the finest things you can give away. So I give it to you. Enjoy!

Angelica Zwahlen, Communications Manager Villeroy & Boch Gustavsberg

Inspiration (from Latin “inspiro”, inject, bring to life); a stimulus that starts mental activity.