[Translate to Latvia / Latvija:] Other brands

Villeroy & Boch

[Translate to Latvia / Latvija:] The brand Villeroy & Boch has existed since 1748 and manufactures exclusive porcelain for the entire household - from the table to the bathroom.


[Translate to Latvia / Latvija:] Vatette

[Translate to Latvia / Latvija:] The system Vatette is a product sortiment for VVS-professionals consisting couplings, ball valves and wall coupling systems. The broad range offer the opportunity to reduce the number of articles both in storage and in service cars whilst it also attain all the existing number of used pipes in Sweden.


[Translate to Latvia / Latvija:] Svenska badkar

[Translate to Latvia / Latvija:] We also sell massage bathtubs from the brand Svenska Badkar.


[Translate to Latvia / Latvija:] Collaboration partner - Bette

[Translate to Latvia / Latvija:] We also sell products from Bette, which manufactures exclusive shower- and bathtubs in both classic and modern shapes. All bathtubs are made from steel and most of them are built into the wall. You can find more information about Bette on their website.


[Translate to Latvia / Latvija:] ProSpa

[Translate to Latvia / Latvija:] Distributor of Villeroy & Boch Spa & Sauna.

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