New bathroom - Elmgren, Gustavsberg

New bathroom

We really enjoy our new bathroom

New bathroom - the family experience

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Bathroom before renovation - Gustavsberg

Bathroom after renovation - Gustavsberg

The old bathroom in the 1960s villa was furnished with black tiles and yellow porcelain. It was charming, but not functional. The Elmgren family tore it out and built a new one, they moved walls and laid new pipes. The family chose to put away the two bathroom sinks to make room for a spacious bathtub, but it turned out, the corner bathtub from Logic collection took up less space than they thought. As a result, there was room for two deluxe bathroom sinks as well.

The family's hints and tips for a bathroom renovation

  • Plan thoroughly, ideally with an architect

  • Draw your desired bathroom

  • Plan for details of great impact

We commissioned an architect to identify additional opportunities, a choice we certainly do not regret.

Linus,  Dad

The new bathroom has a large shower, a generous bathtub and plenty of storage space.

Lotta,  Mom
New bathroom - the Elmgren family - Gustavsberg



It was a long project that drained their energy. The new bathroom is accomplished, from typically drab 60s to timeless, spacious and fresh.

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Creating an eco-smart bathroom with larger surfaces was a clear goal from the start. The family chose water and energy efficient faucets and porcelain with CeramicPlus surface treatment. A huge improvement from both practical and environmental perspectives.


To bathroom sink faucet
Bathroom sink faucet - Gustavsberg


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The creator of the new bathroom series Estetic.

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