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Lovisa’s professional mixer tipsLovisa’s professional mixer tips

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Lovisa’s professional mixer tips

Lovisa Nyman qualified as a professional plumber in 2010 and has worked as a fitter for eight years. She is often called upon to provide services for customers who feel let down and upset when something or other has broken.

Mija builds a bathroom

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Mija builds a bathroom

We know her as the project manager and interior designer from TV shows such as Bygglov and Room Service, as well as form her own internet show Det knackar. She is a qualified tailor and has worked as a set designer, but it is as an extraordinarily creative and stylish TV personality that she has become a household name.

To think about when considering HI-FI in your bathroom

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To think about when considering HI-FI in your bathroom

Erik Söderman is project manager at Solutions Hi-Fi Club, where his work involves installing audio and video systems in Swedish homes – increasingly often in bathrooms. We asked him about the best way to ensure optimal audio experiences in wet rooms.

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Welcome to the world of Gustavsberg!

With this page we want to share inspiration and information that can be of help when you are about to renovate or build a bathroom. We want to challenge your creativity, but also give you the latest updates on trends and tell you more about us and our broad product range of smart, high quality products.

Inspiration has been one of the driving forces in this company for about 190(!) years. Without it we would not have been here today. With the help of inspiration, the bathroom has gone from being a room for only hygienic matters to a room for enjoyment, luxury and relaxing quality time at its best.

If inspiration were a gift, I personally think it's one of the finest things you can give away. So I give it to you. Enjoy!

Angelica Zwahlen, Communications Manager Villeroy & Boch Gustavsberg

Inspiration (from Latin “inspiro”, inject, bring to life); a stimulus that starts mental activity.